Why Your College Student Needs A Surface Pro

Like most parents, I was hoping that my son would be able to use the laptop he had when he left for school. We had to buy so many things for him to go to school I wasn’t looking forward to spending thousands on a new computer for him too. But, just before he was getting ready to leave for school his laptop that he had used all through high school died and needed to be replaced. We didn’t feel like we would be setting him up for success if he didn’t have a good laptop. At over $1000 even for the cheapest model, the Surface Pro seemed like more than we wanted to spend.

Why We Bought It

But, it had decent tech specs for what he needed and it had the capability to be used as a laptop or as a tablet. And we really liked that idea. Having that versatility seemed like it would be a big help to him. Reluctant to spend the money we bought one anyway, promising ourselves that if he didn’t get a lot of functionality out of it we’d return it.

Well not only did we not return it, we ended up getting one for our other two teenagers as well. Having the ability to function as a tablet as well as a computer is a game changer for kids in college, and kids in high school too. Our college student was able to use one device for various activities. He then would use his phone to download phone spyware so that he could spy on his girlfriend.

surface pro
The Surface Pro is a great laptop

It Paid Off

After a month with his Surface Pro, my son was still absolutely loving the combined functionality. So we decided when the holidays came that we would get one for each of other kids too. They love using their Surface Pros for gaming and watching media and using social media. They can also get their homework and projects done quickly and easily. And we can spy on it with software from PhonesSpector! And I love that they can take them anywhere and aren’t tied to a bulky desktop.

If they, or my college student, need to work at the library or somewhere else they can easily take the Surface Pro with them and I don’t have to worry about them lugging a big expensive computer around. The Surface Pro is light and easy to carry anywhere. With the right protective sleeve, the Surface Pro is safe even when it’s tucked into their backpacks. So based on our experiences I can confidently say if you have a child going off to college soon get them a Surface Pro. You won’t regret it and neither will they.