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Different Country Traditions of The New Year – Countdown 2019

2019 is just right around the bend and every country has New Year traditions and customs. Countries celebrate the coming year differently. Find out which ones are similar to yours and which ones are totally new. Unique New Year Traditions from Around the World...

Tips for a Stress-free Holiday Vacation

The holiday season is the best time to go on a vacation. You’re off from work and you don’t have to carry a burden of having left bundles of responsibility behind your desk. It’s the most joyful time to relax and go back to your hometown or travel to a place you’ve...

Staycation Ideas on a Budget

Going for fun shouldn't be that expensive especially when you don't have money for a vacation. Summer is the best time to go out by yourself, with friends or loved ones. The sun, the air, fewer chances of raining provide a very conducive environment for enjoyment. It...

Computer Cookies and What they Do

What are cookies and what do they do? No, they're not the kind you dunk with milk. Cookies are small files that contain data and stored on your computer. The data is usually created when your computer communicates with a web server through any software you use. When...

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