Going for fun shouldn’t be that expensive especially when you don’t have money for a vacation. Summer is the best time to go out by yourself, with friends or loved ones. The sun, the air, fewer chances of raining provide a very conducive environment for enjoyment. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can have that bonding time on a budget.

Save For the Staycation

Now while you can have a very cheap vacation, you still need money especially for logistics like transportation, board and lodgings or snacks during the trip. The best way to do that is to save money before the summer. You can save the money in a bank account which would be the logical thing to do or go a bit unorthodox with a staycation money jar. Whatever you choose, find a way to save pennies to dollars for your trip.

  • Prepare Beforehand

Sometimes preparing well before the summer or the vacation is cheaper. Booking your trip months beforehand will give you chances to choose packages that will give you large discounts on transportation and hotel accommodations.

  • Expectations – Reality versus Fantasy

Since you’re planning on a very affordable vacation, you must tailor your expectations to reality. Create an itinerary that you can afford and include activities that will not cost you much. Have a selfie-photoshoot activity, shoot a mini-video with your smartphones or have games while on the trip.

  • Last-minute Fundraising

The great thing about summer is the season before it. With spring comes with spring cleaning. Clean your house and find items that you don’t need and sell them. You can go the traditional garage sale or use the internet to sell your stuff. You might be able to squeeze more funds for a summer outfit if you need it.

  • Tour Your State

You don’t need to go to another country to enjoy yourself. Sometimes your state has hidden gems for you to explore. Some people have lived in their state for a long time and haven’t explored if fully. Ask your friends and colleagues for suggestions and you might be surprised.

  • Camp out

Camping is a great and cost-effective way to enjoy the summer. Now you don’t need to choose a very far and expensive place. Find campgrounds in your state and you can bring your family. If you’re really pressed for cash, you could camp out on your yard and it’s one of the stays at home activities for the holidays that you can do. What’s important here is the bonding time you get with your friends and loved ones.

  • Consider Housesitting

If you really want to go out of state, then housesitting is a good option. People often post house-sitting requests online and all you must do is stay and take care of their home or apartment. This will allow you to explore the city where you’re house-sitting.

Bonding with your family and friends doesn’t really have to be very expensive. With these staycation ideas, you can bond on a budget.

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