When You Should Ditch Your Online Date And Not Feel Bad About It

Online dating can be a challenge even under the best of circumstances, but the truth is that many times online dates just don’t work out. Sometimes there is just no chemistry and it’s no one’s fault. Other times there are reasons why you just want to end the date fast and get out. Can you ditch an online date when you meet for the first time and not be a bad person? You can, under certain circumstances. According to etiquette and dating experts here are a few of the situations when it’s completely acceptable to ditch your online date and not feel bad about it at all:

Online Date

They Are Excessively Late

If you arrange a date for a certain time and that person is 30 minutes late or more without texting you to give you a reason why they are going to be late, you can absolutely get up and leave without feeling bad about it. Your time is valuable and if they can’t make it on time to meet you, then they are obviously not that into you anyway. The only exception to this rule is if they text you or call you and say they are late because they got lost, couldn’t find parking, or had some other unavoidable delay occur.

You Get A Bad Feeling

If you arrive to meet your online date and you immediately get a bad feeling about them, don’t second guess yourself in the name of politeness. Find a way to leave and make sure that the other person doesn’t follow you. It would be great if everyone on the Internet was who they say they are, but that’s not always the case. You need to rely on your gut instinct. When your gut tells you to just get out, listen to it. If you get a bad feeling before you even go on the date conduct a person search on your date on kiwisearches.com. This way you can know who the person is you are really about to meet before you have to.

They Are Rude Or Abusive

Maybe the date starts off ok and you don’t get a bad feeling about the person that you’re meeting, but as the date goes on you notice behaviors that are red flags. If your date is rude to you or to the waitstaff excuse yourself to go to the restroom and just leave. If your date is abusive, mean, or if you feel scared or threatened by the date’s behavior, find a way to alert the waitstaff or personnel that are working in the place that you’re in. Almost always the staff will be more than willing to help you find a way to get out of there safely. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or embarrassed to need help.

You Just Aren’t Feeling It

Maybe the chemistry you thought you had with this person just isn’t there when you meet in person. It’s ok to end the date early and move on. But in this case you shouldn’t just disappear on them. The polite thing to do is to be honest and say that you just don’t feel a connection so you’re going to leave. Being honest about the situation will allow both of you to move forward.

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